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Deborah Duvic

With over twenty-five years of experience in project management, event coordination, fundraising, legislative services and governmental relations, Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge to Southern Strategy Group. Working in and around Louisiana’s state capitol for most of her career, Deborah’s ability, talent and leadership have allowed her to form significant and meaningful relationships with those working on behalf of and serving the people of our state. Ask anyone who has attended Washington DC Mardi Gras or the annual House and Senate Christmas Party, and they will boast of Deborah’s acute organizational skills. Whether drafting legislation, lobbying a floor, notarizing a document or orchestrating an occasion, Deborah excels in all she attempts.

Deborah and her husband, David, live in St. Francisville, where they reared two adult children who have blessed them with five of the most wonderful grandchildren to ever be doted upon by a set of grandparents.

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