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Abby Reynolds

After graduating summa cum laude from Northwestern State University, Abby joined the SSG team bringing a unique suite of skills, energy and creativity to the position of project management.

Her experience with the Louisiana legislature as a committee clerk allowed Abby to gain a deep understanding of the process while establishing relationships with elected officials in the legislative and executive branches of state government. Her background of working with legislation brought before the Governmental Affairs, Health and Welfare and Appropriations Committees, in both the House and Senate, has proven invaluable when lobbying, compiling client reports, or crunching data. Following her years with the House of Representatives, Abby worked alongside the SSG team in an internship capacity that further developed her professionalism within governmental relations.

Born and raised in Minden, Louisiana, Abby now resides in Spanish Town, a quaint historic neighborhood in Baton Rouge. She plans to attend law school and further her career in government relations and public affairs.

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