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Case Study
"Let Us Vote" Campaign
Issues Management & Strategic Communications
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Designed and executed a multi-faceted public relations campaign aimed at winning a metro council vote to allow for a public referendum on a controversial issue.

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The “Let Us Vote” campaign was launched in support of the relocation of a riverboat license to a residential area of Baton Rouge along the levee. Our goal was to convince several East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council members who were adamantly opposed to expanding gaming in the parish to support allowing the voters to decide. We recognized that the debate needed a seismic shift away from the pros and cons of gambling and NIMBY issues; therefore, we crafted a multi-faceted strategy with “Let Us Vote.” We framed and strategically targeted a different message for each constituency, giving the press a story to tell and our campaign a high profile with earned media. For the council members, our approach was to create room for them to maneuver. The frame was not economic development versus expansion of gaming, both emotionally charged issues; rather, it was a vote to support letting the people decide. Ultimately, the council members’ support of “Let Us Vote” was understood as a manifestation of their confidence in their constituents’ ability to decide the issue for themselves. For the public at large, “Let Us Vote” created momentum and reinforced our council strategy by stressing the message that the council should trust their constituents to decide for themselves.

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