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Case Study
International Grain Exporter
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Managed a proactive, six-week public affairs campaign which succeeded in garnering a port commission’s unanimous support for a leading international grain exporter and its investment of over $220M in an outdated grain facility.

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A lease was up on an outdated grain elevator at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge. The current lease-holder did not fully utilize the facility but was willing to throw large amounts of direct payments to the port in order to prevent our client from gaining a foothold on the Mississippi River. In addition to the large sum annual payments, the current lease-holder had held the lease for 55 years. Our strategy entailed quick outreach, education and messaging to the Office of the Governor, the Department of Economic Development, members of the Louisiana Legislature, the farming community, other stakeholders and the media. Our efforts culminated in a unanimous vote of the port commission in favor of our client.

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