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LSNA: Equipping Essentials

Through the generous donations, time, energy and efforts of key partners, Louisiana Healthcare Connections and our very own team at SSG, LNF’s Louisiana Nurses Foundation Care Packages Relief Fund was able to provide 50,000 masks, 1,600 face shields, 3,000 hand sanitizers and 20 care packages to hospitals, health systems and clinics currently working on the frontlines across the state.

The Louisiana Nurses Foundation (LNF), which acts as the research, education and charitable arm of LSNA (Louisiana State Nurses Association), was founded in 1986 to advance and support professional nurses in Louisiana. During this uncertain time, there’s nothing more important than properly equipping and protecting the essential workers that are caring for our community. With the shortage of PPE across the nation, LNF decided it was time to take action.

“When we conducted a needs assessment of RNs to determine their immediate needs, I was expecting the usual things like snacks, drinks, lotions and so on. While there was a need for those items, I was shocked to see how great the need was for PPE,” said Ducrow, PhD, Executive Director of LNF. “Even this far into the pandemic, they are lacking the basic PPE to keep them, their patients and their families safe and healthy.”

Louisiana Healthcare Connections, a longtime partner of the Louisiana Nurses Foundation, reached out to provide support for the organization’s Care Packages Relief Fund during the program’s first week of operation. As a result of that outreach, 20 care packages, each containing 100 protein bars and energy drinks, and a total of 3,000 pocket hand sanitizers were distributed to 19 hospitals across the state as well as the hospital overflow facility at Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

“We were so grateful for that support, but I was feeling helpless about the need for PPE for nurses on the frontlines,” she said. “I had no idea how or where to get some quickly. Then I had a call from the Louisiana Healthcare Connections CEO, Jamie Schlottman, to find out what else we needed and how they could help. In less than 48 hours, they had secured the PPE, and a week later, we sent it to the full spectrum of facilities across the state.”

“Our state’s healthcare workers are one of our most important assets in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic,” said Jamie Schlottman, CEO of Louisiana Healthcare Connections. “We are grateful for the opportunity to show our appreciation for their invaluable work, determination and dedication by providing them with the tools they need to stay safe while caring for their patients during this unprecedented crisis.”

Ducrow added, “Every day, when others are stepping away, our nurses are stepping up. Thanks to Louisiana Healthcare Connections, they will be able to do so safely.”

Click here for more information on LSNA, LIPA and how you can get involved.

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