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Louisiana Gubernatorial Election Projected To Heat Up

Louisiana's "jungle" primary (all candidates run regardless of party; if no candidate gets 50% + 1 the top 2 candidates proceed to the November general election) is approaching, and while local ballots will be jammed with candidates for nearly every office, most of the attention and money will be spent on the race at the top of the ticket: Governor. The three major candidates are incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards (Democrat), Dr. Ralph Abraham (Republican Congressman from northeast Louisiana), and Eddie Rispone (Republican businessman and first-time candidate from Baton Rouge).

To date, it has mostly been the chattering classes that have paid attention to the Governor's race; however, we are now in the bell lap for the primary and the television ads, direct mail pieces, and social media engagement tactics are ramped up for the home stretch. With that in mind, we have provided a quick and easy snapshot of the race’s current polls, status of the current campaign finance filings and important upcoming dates.

SSG 002 Gubernatorial Election Update Pie Chart Oct Pie Chart 01

This poll was conducted for the Louisiana Association of Health Plans. There were 600 completed responses to five poll questions. The margin of error, with a 95% confidence interval, was 4.0%.

Click here to see how the polls have evolved throughout the race.

SSG 002 Gubernatorial Election Oct Numbers

October 12th: Jungle Primary
November 16th: General Election

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